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BSRA is a full service commercial real estate brokerage firm located in St. Petersburg, FL. The company was established in August of 1993 and has since built a reputation for thorough service, responsiveness, integrity and complete CONFIDENTIALITY. We do not pretend to be a large brokerage firm with knowledge about markets across the country. At BSRA, we believe the most valuable asset we have to offer is our hands on approach to assisting clients seeking real estate solutions in Florida. Team work, combined with our size and experience allows us to work with companies large and small alike that demand complete confidentiality and local real estate knowledge. We believe that real estate is an asset that for the most part is local in nature. In fact most would agree that there are real estate submarkets within submarkets. It is our job to assist our clients in doing what is best for them for the long run. Sometimes the solution for a particular real estate need may be accomplished in days. Sometimes the solution may be years, not weeks or months down the road. Just like any company, we are happy when we can provide a solution quickly, but we understand and appreciate that different clients have different needs. The difference is that we understand that sometimes 'the best' solution takes time and we are willing take that time. At BSRA there is no corporate pressure to close a transaction in order to meet a quota.

It is understood that real estate market conditions continues to change. We also believe that the definition of “real estate market conditions” continues to change as well. Property insurance is progressively becoming more of a pivotal issue in assessing “real estate market conditions,” and as a brokerage firm, we believe it is necessary to understand the insurance issues and assist in solving them in order to fully serve our client’s needs. For a Buyer and a Seller, affordable Insurance is one issue, among many, that should be addressed immediately to help avoid a closing being terminated at the 11th hour. These statements may seem quite obvious, but any broker can help assist in obtaining an over priced insurance policy. Assisting in locating an “affordable” policy takes time and a willingness to address construction type, use, engineering and possibly construction upgrades. This is one example of hands on service that we feel a brokerage firm should be providing. Fulfilling a client's real estate needs could require this amount of detail on a number of issues and being willing to commit to that amount of service is what we believe separates a broker looking for a paycheck from a broker looking for a relationship. BSRA offers a variety of real estate services.

Some of these services include the following:

  • Complete marketing of property for Owners or Tenants, which includes positioning a property for highest and best use, obtaining entitlements such as zoning, variances and site plan approval, preliminary architectural drawings, addressing differed maintenance, networking with other brokers etc.
  • Buyer / Tenant Representation including all aspects of property acquisition and leasing.
  • Site Selection including working hand in hand with Civil Engineers, Architects, Transportation Consultants, Surveyors and Attorneys.
  • Analysis of zoning (future zoning), impact fees and concurrency issues such as transportation, sewer and water availability.
  • Competition mapping and surveying / interviews.
  • Property management including leasing (tenant mix), construction supervision, insurance issues, property tax issues, rent collection and complete accounting.

Many of our clients have been local. However many have been headquartered in other parts of Florida, the Southeast or from other regions of Our Country all together. Every member of our organization was born and raised in Florida. In fact we were all raised right here in St. Petersburg. We believe we have local real estate knowledge in order to provide for local real estate solutions.
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